Why do I need a non-slip yoga mat?

There are many benefits to buying a non-slip yoga mat

A lot of newbie yogis will not think too much when they buy their first mat. A cheap and cheerful foam mat is what most people start with. At the beginning I’d say that’s fine. But very quickly you will realise that you’re going to need to trade in that cheap mat for something a bit better.

At first, as you learn the basic moves, a cheap foam mat will do the job. Makes life a bit more comfortable. However, as you start to practice more demanding moves and poses the pressure that you put down into the mat is going to increase. That makes the chance of your mat slipping that much more. Not only does it make it more likely that your mat will slip on the floor beneath you, but it also makes it more likely that your hands and feet will slip on the mat surface.

When you’re putting a lot of force and pressure through your hands and feet you can do a lot of damage if the mat slips or your hands and feet do.

That’s why buying a better quality, non-slip mat, will need to happen at some point. We discuss what makes the best yoga mats and also review the top ten yoga mats, and we consider the surface of the mat to be a top priority.

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