The Best Yoga Mats

The Very Best Yoga Mats Money Can Buy

Need a new yoga mat? Want to make sure you buy the right mat this time? Then you have come to the right place for finding the best yoga mats.

Yoga is a popular, and growing, activity. You and we know why. But that experience can be intensified by using a good quality yoga mat.

We’ve looked at what makes a good quality yoga mat and then we’ve reviewed some mats and ranked them as our top ten. Read below what we think you should take into account when considering your next mat, or jump straight to our top ten yoga mats.

What to consider when buying the best yoga mat for you

When considering a yoga mat what is it that we should be concerned with? The best yoga mats have the following characteristics.


The surface is the thing that is probably the most important factor to consider. It’s the only thing you are in contact with when doing yoga so it’s important. How does it feel? But more importantly how does it react? At times you will be putting quite a bit of pressure on the mat. You don’t want either your hands to slip on the mat, or for the mat to slip on the floor beneath you. So surface has an important impact on the performance of your mat. Hence, we think it is the number one consideration when looking to buy one of the best yoga mats.

You need a mat that is going to be comfortable to touch, but also able to perform under pressure. If you sweat a lot during your yoga session it’s even more important that the surface has good grip. There can be a real risk of an injury if your mat starts slipping around or your hands/feet start slipping on it.


You’re going to be carrying your mat around and so it needs to be reasonably light. No point in having a heavy mat and putting your shoulder out on the way to your yoga class! So weight of the yoga mat is a key issue to consider.


The thicker your yoga mat the more your joints are going to be protected from the surface beneath you. That said, having a yoga mat that is too thick is going to make you unsteady. You do need to be able to feel the firmness of the floor to give good stability during your yoga moves. In some respects this is a personal choice. Some people will prefer a thicker mat to others, but nevertheless we consider it one of the most important factors.

The other thing to consider is that a thicker yoga mat may last longer. That’s not a given because a thin, but tough mat could last longer than a thick but poor quality one. The average mat is about a quarter of an inch thick.


Rather depends on how tall you are, but clearly you want to have all hands and feet on your mat during all your yoga moves. So the mat has to be big enough. In the main this isn’t going to be an issue unless you are tall. Nevertheless always a consideration you need to note.


Not necessarily the cost, but what do you get for your money. If you pay a lot then you want that to be reflected in the product you use. The very best yoga mats may not necessarily be the highest priced, but you will need to be prepared to pay a little more than the norm.


How does the mat store and transport? Does it come in a neat case that protects it or does it just have rubber bands holding it together?! A good storage solution makes it easier to transport and means your mat will be better protected in transportation and in storage when not being used.


It doesn’t necessarily make any difference to the physical yoga experience, but the look of your mat might help with the mental side. If you don’t like the look of it or are embarrassed by it then that might end up overshadowing your yoga session. So for the best yoga mats an appearance that you are happy with is an important consideration. This might include the colour, shape, texture or pattern. It might also be important how it looks rolled up.

Now that we know what to look for let’s take a look at our top ten yoga mats …


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