Why a good quality yoga mat matters.

Practice yoga for any length of time and you’ll soon find out how special a yoga mat can be

It’s really the only thing you need right? A good quality yoga mat. Yoga has to be one of the cheapest pastimes or exercises to get involved with. You don’t actually need anything to practice yoga apart from a few pictures demonstrating a few poses for you to try. There are plenty of great yoga books that can help you there. But apart from that you can literally practice yoga anytime and anywhere.

However, a mat is going to make your experience that much better and a really good quality mat is going to enhance your yoga session immeasurably. Ask anyone who has made the upgrade from a budget mat to a really high quality one and they will tell you that it has taken their yoga session to another level completely.

Not only does the mat provide you with a safe and comfortable surface, a good quality mat will also give you a really firm grip upon which to do carry out your poses and sessions. It takes away the worry of slipping and allows you to immerse yourself in the experience a lot more.

During your yoga session you will become ultra sensitive to the world around you and the only thing you are touching at that time is your mat. So your senses will be ultra aware of the mat beneath you. A really good quality mat will feel so much better than an old cheap piece of foam. Again your experience is taken to another level.

So what about the investment? Well a yoga mat is likely to last you a good couple of years so even at the top end of the high quality mats you’re only talking about £50 per year. Furthermore, there are some really great mats for under £50 if you look carefully enough.

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Why a good quality yoga mat matters